Dallas Cowboys – Who Are They?

Started back in 1960 as one of the pioneers in American football, the Dallas Cowboys have managed to create sensational victories which have been accredited to their name and have laid the ufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ foundation for records which still great have failed to be broken. For the last hundred and 60 games, one of the chief records that the Dallas Cowboys have managed to maintain is a sold out arena at every of their home as well as away games. Their winning streak started almost 20 years ago when they became the most powerful football Association in the United States and were featured for their victory on the sports franchise of the Forbes magazine. They started playing their early days at the Cotton bowl arena and today have one of the largest American football stadiums at Arlington, Texas. It is without a doubt that the Dallas Cowboys are America’s heroes in the field of sporting history.

Throughout their stint in American football, the Dallas Cowboys have managed to accredit themselves with five Super Bowl championships, 10 conference championships and 19 division championships. Additionally, they have also won 29 of their play-off appearances.

It was back in 2000 where the Dallas Cowboys began to lose their form after the many injuries that left most of their players and chief quarterbacks sidelined. However, in 2003 after Dave Campo became the team’s head coach, they have managed to secure victory is and play-off championships with a winning streak that till today holds the highest record in American football history.