Fantasy Football Advice – 9 Beginner Tips for How to Play and Win Your League

If you are new to fantasy football and want to win your fantasy football league then remember these 9 tips and you’re guaranteed to be competitive and with a little luck in the playoffs you can win your league championship.

1. Know your league’s scoring rules – If you’re new to fantasy football it’s important that you understand how your league awards points, especially if you play in a PPR league which awards points based on receptions. For example, some running backs rarely catch passes while other running backs catch 5+ passes a game so knowing your scoring format will allow you to draft the best players for your leagues scoring format.

2. Don’t draft all your favorite players – It’s fine to draft 1 or 2 of your favorite players if they are indeed good players but don’t go overboard. The odds are slim that you can draft 5 players from your favorite team and still field a competitive fantasy football team.

3. Don’t start an inactive player – It may sound like obvious advice to not start a player that isn’t playing but it’s not as easy as it sounds. NFL teams don’t announce their inactive players until 1 hour before game time so it’s critical to your success to check the inactive list at within an hour before kickoff to make sure your starting players are actually playing or you’ll be assured of a goose egg in the points column for that player.

4. Don’t start a wide receiver versus Darrelle Revis of the New Your Jets – You may have heard of the term Revis Island which refers to Revis’ ability to completely shut down the opposing team’s #1 wide receiver. Any wide receiver Revis covers is isolated the whole game because opposing Quarterbacks rarely even attempt to throw Revis’ way. Until a wide receiver proves otherwise, you’d be wise to not start any of your wide receivers that will be guarded in man coverage by Darrelle Revis or other future shutdown corner.

5. Don’t start a running back versus the Pittsburgh Steelers – The Steelers’ Dick LeBeau is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL and his defenses consistently shut down the run year after year including elite running backs such as Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans. As long as Lebeau ยูฟ่าเบท is running the show and as long as Troy Polamalu and the Steelers defense are healthy then just say no to starting your running backs versus the Steelers unless you like running back stat lines of 17 carries for 32 yards…

6. Start defenses that play against poor offensive teams – Unless you have the Steelers defense which is a must start almost every week then you’re better off picking up defenses from the waiver wire that play against poor offensive teams or teams that are plagued with offensive linemen injuries and/or are starting a backup quarterback who is turnover prone.

7. Start kickers that play against poor defensive teams – It’s difficult to predict how well kickers will perform each week but playing kickers against lowly defenses is an almost guarantee for 5 to 10 points a week which can be the difference in winning and losing your weekly match up.

8. Make sure you have good match ups for the playoffs – Most leagues hold their playoffs during weeks 14-16 so be sure to factor in the playoff schedule when drafting, trading, and picking up players off the waiver wire.