Promotional Corporate Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate business is all about maintaining relationships with clients, investors, and employees. Many businesses are always on the lookout for new promotional corporate gifts, to let those who make their business possible, know that they are important and remembered. Few gifts can be as personalized as the traditional gift basket.

A gift basket is a simple concept, yet it carries a profound impact for the recipient. A basket filled with gifts, of any type, is sure to let a client know that their business with the company is appreciated.Yet if some of those gifts bear your corporate logo, it will serve as a reminder for quite some time.

You could just buy a basket and fill it with any corporate promotional gifts that you have on hand, but that defeats the purpose of making the recipient feel important to your company. It is best to put a bit more thought into it. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Personalized Corporate Gift Basket

A little thought put into the business or interests of the recipient will go a long way. If you know that the sales manager or a supplier plays golf, than golf balls and tees would be a very thoughtful addition to any basket. These could even be prepared beforehand with your corporate logo printed on them. Magazines and other waiting room essentials would be appropriate for a doctor’s office, and so on.

All-purpose Gift Basket

There are certain things that every individual or office will appreciate. Stationery, like notepads and pens are extremely useful and will see a lot of circulation. If they have your logo corporate gifts singapore printed on them, they could generate new business. Coffee and tea assortments are practically a fuel for the business world. Everyone likes fruits, flowers, publications, the list is endless.

Along with coffee and tea you could include pre-printed mugs with your logo, some chocolates and cookies would be a great corporate gift basket treat.


There are any number of ways a basket can be decorated. Flowers, bows, ribbons, unique wrapping, etc. It is all about the presentation. The goal should be to create a Christmas morning, kind of excitement in the mind of the receiver. This is where the wow factor will have the largest impact. “For me, really? Oh, that’s so thoughtful of you. Thank you!

Other uses

Gift baskets are not only for sending to someone else. Such promotional corporate gifts like fruit baskets would make an attractive center piece in a board meeting, while providing things for the participants to snack on. This can be a wonderful way to hold people’s attention through a long meeting by insuring that their minds do not wander off to lunch as soon as their appetite strikes.